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Specialist Decoration

We use specialist Linseed paints and Lime washes to create authentic and long-lasting finishes. Our use of Linseed paints for timber, results in a finish that lasts far longer than modern acrylic based paints. Traditional Limewash is highly breathable, suitable over lime plasters in period properties.

Traditional natural paints for a sympathetic finish to period properties

We can provide a range of traditional paints over plasters, renders and masonry such as Limewash, Pozilime and Clay Paints. These paints are natural and are suitable for applying over traditional finishes and lime plasters because they are breathable. Modern emulsions and masonry paints are not suitable and often look unsympathetic.


Modern Timber paints are basically made up of a load of solvents and chemicals, this results in a paint that dries like a crust. Any decorator will tell you modern gloss timber paints never last longer than a few years without cracking. Use Linseed paints instead, they are flexible, permeable and most importantly last a long time. We use Oricalcum Linseed paints and oils, as we find these to be the best. They are cost comparable to Dulux, Weathershield etc.

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