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Limcrete Flooring

Limecrete is a breathable and sustainable alternative to concrete floors. It is insulated with recycled glass, works great with underfloor heating and can be tiled, polished, or laid with flagstones.

Benefits of limecrete vs concrete in old houses

The way old houses were built using traditional methods, meant that stone floors would be laid directly onto the earth. Stone is a breathable material, so this type of flooring would allow any ground moisture from underneath the house to rise up through the breathable stone, and be evaporated away into the atmosphere. No dampness caused.


When a fully insulated concrete floor is then laid on top of traditional stone flooring, this creates a seal, and the damp from the earth can no longer naturally rise up and be evaporated away. In this very common example, what then happens is that the moisture will be pushed out to the sides of the flooring, and up through the walls, causing rising damp spots.


This is why concrete can in many instances be damaging to historic buildings built with soft permeable (breathable) materials. Limecrete on the other hand is permeable, so is the only viable solution where a solid floor is required in an old house.

What we do

The limecrete is laid over a layer of recycled glass insulation, which is not only environmentally friendly but provides very good insulation. The Limecrete is a mix of Non Hydraulic Lime and Limestone Aggregate, which produces a very strong Lime mix.

How long it takes

There is usually fear about the disruption, time and cost needed to remove old concrete floors , but it is not usually as bad as people fear. Often, an old concrete slab in a typical sized kitchen can be removed, and a new limecrete slab laid down within 2-3 days.


South East Conservation have installed many Limecrete floors in historic and new buildings with various different Lime Mixes and build ups. We recommend however for new installations the LABC (Building Control) approved build up is used.

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