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Lime Plastering & Rendering

We undertake all aspects of traditional Lime Plastering and Rendering. In addition to standard plastering, we offer Polished Plasters, Stuccos, Renders, Moulded Plasters, and a lot more.

Lime Plastering is the traditional internal finish for historic buildings. It is essential to use Lime if you are restoring a building that was originally built with Lime. We offer a variety of different finishes to suit, ranging from suitable solutions for the most modest cottage to the finest London townhouse.


External Rendering and Stucco is usually a slightly harder mix than internal plastering, and we offer a range of specialist Stucco/Roman Cement mixes to repair or replace where required. We are experts in the use of Vicat Prompt, used to make Stucco and can replicate original external Stucco mixes often found in London.  

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