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Beam Blasting & Cleaning

We can strip layers of paint from timber beams, using delicate sensitive methods for the least possible damage to the timber. Conventional sandblasting equipment is far too abrasive, and damages historic timber. We use a specially designed unit that blasts different materials, depending on the best solution for what we want to clean. Our specialist machine can also vary the pressure and amount of grit to make sure we don't damage delicate materials.

Use an experiences specialist for beam cleaning to avoid damaging your timber

It is extremely important when you want to strip paint from beams to do it right. It is very easy to damage the timber with the incorrect tools, or by using a blast cleaning operator without the proper experience. We have extensive experience in stripping beams and can deploy a variety of techniques to ensure the original timber is not damaged.


Where suitable we use a specialist pressure controlled blast unit which we use a low abrasion grit / soda. If necessary, we can also use wet blast techniques to further minimise the abrasion of the blasting. Where blasting is not suitable we have other techniques using specialist paint strippers to remove layers of paints.

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